Individual Education Program


There are many children throughout the U.S. today who suffer from various types of disabilities. Disabilities are divided into specific categories, such as learning, physical, speech, low vision, attention deficit, and many others. If your child suffers from a disability that impairs their ability to learn or to pay attention in school, then he or she may greatly benefit from an individual education program. This is a program that is designed to help students with disabilities reach educational goals that they otherwise may have an extremely difficult time doing.

Every child is different; goals are unique to each student and the schedules and level of dedication of parents often vary greatly. This produces a need for each program to be specifically tailored to the child’s needs, their goals, and to facilitate their future learning capability. The plan specifically is used to identify and define the individual needs and objectives of a student with disabilities in order to help teachers and other service providers understand the situation so that they can work more effectively. Every child deserves the opportunity to obtain specific education to facilitate their needs and to have educators or specialized staff help them overcome any disability.


At Student Rights Attorneys, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the skillful representation that they need. In order to obtain an IEP that works for you and your child, you will have a meeting during which various issues such as the disability, the goals of your child, and future plans will be discussed. It is important that you have skillful representation at this meeting in order to ensure that your rights are being upheld and that you and your disabled child are receiving the full extent of your rights as provided by federal law. Seek the representation of our firm as soon as possible to begin pursuing a favorable future for your child. Call us today at (888) 578-2906.