504 Plans


If your child suffers from a disability, then he or she may have difficulty
learning or retaining information in school. As a parent, you may greatly desire for your child to be well educated and you may be looking for assistance as you try to discover your options. One option that you and your child may benefit from is a 504 plan; this is a document that spells out various modifications and accommodations that will be made in order to
accommodate your child’s learning disability and help them function in school. Section 504 of the Americans with Disabilities Act states that no one can be excluded from a federally funded program due to a disability.

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Modifications and accommodations may include things such as wheelchair
ramps, home instruction, a peanut-free lunch environment, or many other
adjustments to a school’s program or facility. If you are trying to provide a
safe environment for your child, or if you are having difficulty helping them to
learn in school, then you may greatly benefit from a 504 plan to begin the
process of modifying various circumstances in order to facilitate your needs
and the needs of your disabled child. Various disabilities that could benefit
from certain modifications include anything from a physical disability such as
paraplegia to an attention deficit disorder.


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