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Transition Plans for Students in IEPs

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If you have a child with a disability, then you may have prepared an individual education program (IEP). This program is designed to help facilitate the educational needs and goals of your child. One part of the IEP is the transition plan; this involves making transition goals for a student in the current school year to help them achieve their post-high school goals. Setting goals for grades and other academic or extracurricular activities can help your child accomplish additional goals in the future. It is important that you take action as a parent to help prepare your child for their future as a young adult.


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Whether your child suffers from a physical disability such as paraplegia or an attention deficit or other learning disability, you may be very concerned with their development. It is important for you to understand the various options that you have to help facilitate growth and help your child accomplish their goals. In the yearly IEP planning meeting, there are many issues that must be discussed, and once your child turns 15 or 16, transitional planning should be a serious topic during these meetings.

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